Our Philosophy and Mission

Letchworth Centre

Our Mission

To alleviate suffering by working to increase the understanding and availability of the benefits of complementary approaches to health and wellbeing.

Our Philosophy

The following tenets underpin all our work:

  • That complementary therapies (delivered as one-to-one interventions by a qualified practitioner) can provide side-effect-free help with a wide range of conditions – particularly those chronic, difficult problems with which conventional drug-based treatment struggles.
  • That practice of a range of self-help techniques drawn from systems of healing such as Yoga, T’ai Chi, Pilates, Alexander Technique, Meditation can enhance, restore and maintain health.
  • That these approaches are an extremely cost-effective way of improving people’s health and wellbeing and that the best health care will result from an integration of conventional with complementary approaches.
  • That professionals who work with people – (ie health professionals, social workers and teachers) should be familiar with these techniques.