Lunchtime Talks

Women’s Health – from a new viewpoint with Sally Walder PhD

Hormones are the chemical messengers involved in every aspect of our physical wellbeing. Secreted into the bloodstream, for women they control the process by which we journey from puberty through
to menopause. Hormones regulate our moods – anger,anxiety,stress response, the sleep-wake cycle – and can disrupt ovulation or decrease the receptivity of the womb. Hormonal imbalances alongside vitamin and mineral deficiencies are frequently the cause of problems ranging from PMT to hot flushes to infertility. Blood testing, while not a substitute for a professional medical diagnosis, can help identify these imbalances which can then often be corrected either through complementary or orthodox approaches.

In this fascinating series of talks we will discover ways in which the components of the blood reflect our physical health and how blood testing can help us make positive changes in our lives. Advance booking recommended.

Monday, 2 October 13.00-14.00 Women’s Health Part 1 – Vitamins & Minerals Free Code LT1 – please see slides from this presentation.

Monday, 9 October 13.00-14.00 Women’s Health Part 2 – Female Fertility Free Code LT2

Monday, 16 October 13.00-14.00 Women’s Health Part 3 – The Menopause Free Code LT3