Meditation for Inner Peace

In this class – suitable for beginners as well as experienced practitioners — you will learn 6 different meditation techniques (breath, mindfulness, concentration, visualisation, devotion and contemplation) and you will be helped to cultivate four heart qualities to enhance your practice. During the session, we will discuss the latest scientific evidence, as well as the psychology and philosophy behind these practices. Written material will be provided and each class will be followed by an opportunity for further discussion.

Tutor: Dr Neelam Taneja PhD, Member IAYT, Fellow (retired) RSM London

Meditation Class Participation Guidelines

10 weeks – last class on 21 November Half-term 24 October

This class is held at St Christopher School, Barrington Road, Letchworth

This class is not running this term

Pranayama Meditation

Pranayama is the science of breath. Controlling it can still our minds and improve our physical health and wellbeing. Mantra – positive sound vibration – literally means ‘that which controls the mind’. When combined with Pranayama, it serves as a powerful de-stressing tool – which can change our energy as well.This class is open to all levels.

“The key is changing our habits, and in particular the habits of our mind” Pema Chondron

Tutor: Sarah O’Connor BA(Hons) BWY(Dip), Pranayama & Meditation Module

Pranayama questionnaire

14 weeks – last class on 12 December
Half-term 24 October