Mindfulness for Kids




Mindfulness for Kids is an 8 week course delivering the ‘youth mindfulness’ programme.  It is aimed at children who are aged 7-11.

Decades of research shows that mindfulness practice is one of the most effective methods of enhancing wellbeing and reducing anxiety.  On the Youth Mindfulness course children will learn about the benefits of a mindful mind and how it can equip them with the skills to be fully present in the moment.

Children learn to improve their concentration, regulate emotions, reduce aggressive behaviour and enhance their happiness.  This is achieved through practical mindful practice that builds throughout the duration of the course combined with teacher enquiry, mindful movement and lots of interactive fun.

The course explores many themes; intention, attention, attitude, gratitude, resilience, kindness to self and others.  These skills will empower young people to be better equipped for the years ahead and will, undoubtedly, enhance their lives.

Week 1:  Introducing attention and The Benefits of Breathing
Week 2:  Allowing and letting be and Beginner’s Mind
Week 3:  Willpower
Week 4:  Being Grateful
Break for October half term
Week 5:  Being Grateful and appreciating others
Week 6:  Building our Kindness and Being a Good Friend
Week 7:  Be an Everyday Hero and Kind Action
Week 8:  Looking Back.  Looking Forward.

Tutors: Karima Tasker and Karen Cronin

Fridays 16.30-18.00 29-Sep £120 YM03

Duration: 8 weeks – last class 24 November
Half-Term: 27 October


Parents are welcome to come too!

Thursday, 3 August 10.00-11.00 £8* WIM01
Monday, 21 August 10.00-11.00 £8* WIM02
Friday, 15 September 16.30-17.30 £8* WIM03

*£8 refunded when booking eight week course