Moving Mindfully

Moving Mindfully

Moving Mindfully is a unique movement, alignment and relaxation class which carefully combines key elements of Pilates, Yoga and T’ai Chi and incorporates the Alexander principles of excellent use of the spine and joints.  The resulting quality of movement and alignment is a joy to experience?  Wear soft comfortable clothing.

Tutor: Judy Hammond BEd ANATD MSTAT

Testimonial from some of our students:

“My back is so much better because of the gentle stretching and other activities.  I don’t need to go for osteopath or remedial massage now, which is a major advance.  The relaxation element has also given me tools to apply to reduce stress and depression.  The class provides exercises to do in the week between sessions which contribute to the efficacy.  The atmosphere of the class which is of mutual support and personal respect is so good.  This is down to Judy.  It is stressed that you only do what is good for your body which is important.  You always end up with a calm and positive feeling because of the feedback given during the session.”

“I am more in touch with my body and more often conscious of it when I move.  This is actually enjoyable and helps me to be present in the moment more often.  I am also more often allowing my body to be more in alignment.  I love this evening class, the lights are low and it’s incredibly relaxing and yet I come out of it with much more energy.”

Moving Mindfully Tuesdays 11.15-13.00
Moving Mindfully Wednesdays 20.15-21.30