Tai Chi

Richard LangTai Chi consists of a series of slow, stylised, dance-like movements which are practised in sequence.  Stilling the mind as well as benefiting the body, and practised daily by millions worldwide, evidence shows that it:

  • is of great benefit in improving balance and increasing muscle strength
  • can benefit the heart and circulatory systems
  • can significantly reduce stress
  • can enhance well-being

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It is recommended by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence as a useful part of any Falls Prevention programme.

Chen Style taught by Ian Deavin  BSc, CIAA cert, TCUGB, recognised BCCMA

Yang Style taught by Richard Lang MA UKCP

Please read this further information about T’ai Chi


T’ai Chi for Falls Prevention Mondays 12.30-13.30
T’ai Chi Yang Style Long & Sword Form Tuesdays 17.15-18.45
T’ai Chi Chen Style Long Form Thursdays 20.00-21.30

Mondays 12:30 – 13:30
T’ai Chi is an ancient form of gentle stylised movement well known for its ability to strengthen leg muscles, improve balance, still the mind and enhance general health.
COST £6 per session