Carole RichardsonWhy do yoga at the Letchworth Centre? For one thing – it makes you feel good!  It keeps you flexible and improves your stamina. It stretches your muscles,  helps still your mind, improves concentration and boosts self-confidence. People report that they sleep better, experience fewer episodes of back strain and have less frequent headaches.

We recommend that you bring your own mat,


Carina Amos
Julie Brunton BSY
Alison Fairchild BWY
Sarah Harris BWY RT FCT, NLP Master Prac Pranayama & Meditation Module
Carole Richardson BA(Hons) FAETC BWY
Lorraine Woods

Yoga with Alison Fairchild questionnaire

Yoga with Carina Amos questionnaire


Yoga (experienced) Lorraine Woods* Mondays 09.10-10.45
Yoga (experienced) Lorraine Woods* Mondays 10.45-12.15
Yoga (all levels) Sarah Harris Mondays 18.00-19.30
Yoga (experienced) Lorraine Woods* Mondays 19.00-20.30
Yoga (all levels) Sarah Harris Mondays 19.30-21.00
Yoga (experienced) Lorraine Woods* Mondays 20.40-22.10
Yoga (experienced) Lorraine Woods* Wednesdays 09.10-10.40
Yoga (experienced) Lorraine Woods* Wednesdays 10.45-12.15
Yoga (all levels) Sarah Harris Wednesdays 20.00-21.30
Yoga (all levels) Julie Brunton Thursdays 13.00-14.30
Yoga (beginners/improvers) Alison Fairchild Thursdays 18.15-19.45
Yoga (experienced) Lorraine Woods* Thursdays 18.50-20.20
Yoga (beginners/improvers) Carina Amos Thursdays 20.00-21.15
Yoga (all levels) Carole Richardson Fridays 09.15-10.45
Yoga (all levels) Carole Richardson Fridays 11.00-12.30
Yoga (all levels) Sarah Harris Fridays 08.45-10.15

*Lorraine Woods’ Classes

Please note that Lorraine Woods’ classes are £7 per session payable on the day of the class (cash and cheque only).  These classes do not need to be pre-booked.  Lorraine also operates a card system where you can purchase a card valid for 12 classes at a cost of £84 which allows you to attend any of Lorraine’s seven classes held at the Letchworth Centre whenever you like.  These classes are only suitable for experienced students.