Children & Young People

We believe that complementary approaches can enhance the lives of people of all ages – a belief which has formed the foundation of our work in the community from our earliest days.


Mindfulness and Yoga have been shown to improve concentration, mood and self-confidence – clearly important qualities which can hugely affect the future success and wellbeing of children and young people see our programme of classes for Children and Teens.


Currently we are delivering Yoga to pupils and Mindfulness to teachers at Hillshott Infants School and Nursery;  Yoga to pupils at Weston Way Nursery School, at Sandon and Wilshere Dacre JMI Schools; while further programmes are being planned for a number of primary and secondary schools in Stevenage and Hitchin.

We have in the past run stress reduction programmes for both Nobel and Ashtree Schools in  Stevenage; for  St. Thomas More School, Fearnhill School, Highfield School in Letchworth; and for Samuel Lucas JMI in Hitchin.

Children’s Centres

In autumn 2017 we ran a 5-week Mindfulness programme for parents at Oughton Children’s Centre; this follows similar  bespoke programmes at Eastcott’s Children’s Centre, Holly Blue Children’s Centre, Icknield Children’s Centre, Royston and Villages Children’s Centre and Strawberry Fields Children’s Centre.

Funding from the National Lottery and from TSB enabled us to run Mindfulness programmes in disadvantaged areas in both Stevenage and Hitchin in partnership with Home-Start.  Following their success, we continue to explore ways in which such programmes can be replicated.