Our classes teach effective ways of managing and reducing stress, anxiety and depression … They can help relieve back pain and chronic back problems … they can give you more energy and enhance your general health and wellbeing … And, what’s more,  you will be able to use these throughout your life to maintain these improvements.

During the present health crisis, we have had to pause some of our face-to-face classes and instead deliver the majority remotely via Zoom. Click here for the full list of classes which we are currently able to offer online and here to see which classes are running face-to-face at the Centre.

You can choose from over 80 classes a week, which include:  Yoga, Pilates, Mindfulness, Alexander Technique, Chi Kung, T’ai ChiMeditation, Moving Mindfully, Salsa.

You can choose from Yoga (including Restorative, Ante-Natal, Post-Natal, Mini Yoga, Yoga for Teens, Yoga for Kids),  Pilates, Chi Kung, T’ai ChiFeldenkreis, Meditation.

We run a programme of Classes for Children and Teens

We run courses for pregnancy and birth –  Ante-Natal Yoga

We offer programmes for the over-50’s and for people with limited mobility

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