Alexander Technique

Try it once and you’ll be hooked! Well known for managing back and neck pain, the Alexander Technique provides yet another route to reducing stress, improving sleep and even helping asthmatics. In these classes you will learn to sit, stand, lie and move in ways which keep you relaxed so that muscle injuries are less likely to occur.

Please be aware that the classes normally include a short carefully facilitated section of peaceful hands-on partner work – just a quiet hand on the back, enhancing the sense of presence in the back.  Students often find this a most beneficial aspect of the classes, effortlessly encouraging greater poise and spaciousness in movement.

Recent research – a randomised control trial of 517 patients with chronic neck pain  – demonstrated meaningful reductions in neck pain amongst the 172 who had been taught to use the Alexander technique to manage their pain. 87% of participants reported a significant improvement compared to 25% who had received ‘usual’ care.  Click here to read the full description of the research trial or a brief summary.

Tutor: Judy Hammond BEd ANATD MSTAT

Please phone us to book a place onto this class as online booking is not available at this time.  Tel: 01462 678804