Ballet for Kids

These fun ballet classes for kids provide a wonderful discipline – improving co-ordination, spatial and body awareness, concentration and physical confidence. The ballet training follows the method taught by the Royal Academy of Dance.  The Junior Modern Jazz/Tap and Theatrecraft class follows the International Dance Teachers Association method

Dress comfortably and dance in either bare feet or dance shoes.

Examinations are available for students to take and there may be opportunities to appear in shows.

We regret that after the first class parents will not be able to remain in the classroom. After that session, parents will be asked to leave the room.  If you feel your child is not yet mature enough to cope with this, then we would suggest waiting until they are older to enrol.

Please note that photos may only be taken with the permission of the tutor; filming will, however, never be permitted.

Tutor: Vickie Lesnick RAD RTS FIDTA

Autumn Term 2018
13 weeks – last Friday class – 14 December – last Saturday class – 15 December
Half-term week of 29 October

Mummy and Me

From 18 months to 2 1/2 yrs.
A lovely opportunity for you to help introduce your toddler to basic ballet movements and rhythm in a fun way.  Sessions will use toys, instruments and other props to enhance marching, clapping, spatial awareness and changing direction.

Autumn Term 2018
13 weeks – last class 15 December
Half-term 3 November