Drama for Self-Expression

Join Emma in this welcoming class designed to develop your creativity, self expression and confidence through drama based activities.

Remember the pleasure your playful side gave you as a child? Now you have permission to get back in touch with that side of life, because Love-Drama is all about creativity, self expression and confidence building, through 90 minutes of fun drama-based activities. Using your imagination and humour will help to alleviate the stress and strain of daily life. In these classes, Emma will support each individual’s personal expression and originality through verbal play.

Each term, we learn some simple moves to an uplifting musical number. “But I can’t dance!” I hear you cry! Well, Emma doesn’t expect anyone to be a dancer, which is why she makes sure the moves are simple and easy to follow, and that the music is uplifting, ensuring that you have fun and leave the class feeling happy. She doesn’t even care if you have THREE left feet, everyone’s welcome!

And because classes are on Zoom, it does not matter where you are in the world – anyone can join, regardless of your age, ability or experience. The aim of this class is for everyone to have enjoyable and valuable ‘me time’, therefore absolutely NO previous experience is necessary, just enthusiasm and a willingness to participate.

“I had no idea how online drama lessons would work given the fact I’ve only ever had lessons face to face.  But even though it is different, drama lessons online are so much fun! Emma is incredibly inventive and creative as a teacher and it’s a great way to unleash your imagination from the comfort of your own home. No matter how bad my week has been, Emma’s lessons never fail to brighten up my day and always leave the lesson uplifted and smiling  especially in today’s current pandemic. It’s a great way to meet other people who are friendly, fun and welcoming”


“Emma’s online drama sessions are islands of creativity, laughter and camaraderie. A high spot in my week”


Tutor: Emma Love

6 week online course

Due to the popularity and success of the evening class Emma has decided to create a daytime class for those who find it difficult to participate in the evenings.