Five Rhythms

5 Rhythms Dance Workshops

Saturday 8 February 14.30-17.30 Space Between Us – a 5Rhythms Dance Workshop with Ruth Hirst registered teacher of 5Rhythms & Soul Motion Conscious Movement Modalities.  In this 5Rhythms® workshop we will explore our relationship to space through using the map of the flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness. Space that is moving within and how we relate to the ever changing partner of space, that is all around us. And also how we relate to the space between ourselves and another and others..

We are living in a world, that is finding it increasing difficult to relate to others, giving space for each other with compassion..In dropping into our bodies, through movement, we can start to explore new ways of relating..

Going within is where our dance starts, so this can find ways of expanding and widen into our potential of being. As we dance, our perspectives shifts, that give us insights how we are within ourselves, so we can begin to find ways of being with another and others..

How do we move in the space? How do we receive ourselves and the space? How do we find expression? Where do we take action? Where do we withdraw? How do we find ourselves being fluid in the moment? Where do we hold ourselves back? Where do we surrender into not knowing? Where are we able to listen, and let life come to us through stillness? Some inquiries we will explore..

This workshop is for both beginners and experienced dancers.. There are NO steps to learn, just following how your body needs to move from moment to moment..There is NO right or wrong way of moving, just your unique way.. Bring your curiosity and an openness of not knowing, letting the possibilities of anything being able to unfold.. so we can each tap into our aliveness of being.. Cost: £30

Sunday 15 March 15.30-18.30 Awakening – Celebrate You as a Living Being – a 5Rhythms Dance Workshop with Ruth Hirst registered teacher of 5Rhythms & Soul Motion Conscious Movement Modalities.

“When we free the body, the heart veins to open. When the body and the heart taste freedom, the mind won’t be far behind. And when we put the psyche into motion, it will start to heal itself” Gabrielle Roth.

Often, we can wake up every morning and without realising it, it can become another routine/pattern, that becomes automatic. We can often find ourselves moving through life, half asleep. What does it mean to be fully alive in your body right now? What if we could wake up each day and become more aware to each moment, to our breathe and what is moving within, right here, right now?

In this 5Rhythms® workshop, we will explore what physical sensations are moving within, exploring the inner and outer landscapes that are within, becoming more aware of life moving through YOU.

We will awaken to the rich juices of being human, opening to the possibilities of being you, with all your uniqueness, letting your wild and free dance awaken to what’s present within you right now.. To awaken to your body, heart, mind and soul. This workshop is for anyone who is curious about life.

This is open to All.. both beginners and experienced dancers of this practice. Time to DANCE!  Cost: £30

Wear loose comfortable clothing you can move in.  Bring water to drink.

Tutor: Ruth Hirst Accredited 5Rhythms Teacher