Ruth Hirst, Accredited 5Rhythms Teacher

Ruth has been dancing the 5Rhythms for 18 years and became an accredited 5Rhythms teacher in 2011. She is also an accredited Soul Motion teacher (2016)

Her teachings bring a passion of being in the moment right now, for what is means to be alive, encouraging to fully embrace and let ourselves move with what is there, the comfortable as well as the uncomfortable, from moment to moment. Exploring how to be in the world, as unique beings as we are, letting go of layers, so we can come home and connect with something far greater than ourselves..

Ruth lives with her partner and her cat, who likes to go for daily walks, not on a leash, in London!

She teaches a weekly class in London and runs workshops in the UK and internationally.

We live in extraordinary times. There is no better time to dance than, NOW!