Foundations of Health Series

As an antidote to the difficulties of these uncertain times, we have planned a new online Foundations of Health Series to address important current health issues.

This is a powerful course by Dr Michelle Ni Raghallaigh PhD, a Sleep Specialist, for anyone who

  • Experiences poor quality sleep
  • Has problems falling asleep
  • Wakes in the night or early in the morning
  • Feels tired in the morning
  • Has tried medication and other methods without success
  • Is anxious about their sleep

If these problems sound familiar, you’re not alone; 70% of the UK population have changed their sleep habits since the Covid pandemic, with 40% reporting insomnia (The British Sleep Society Covid Report 2020).

This evidence-based course will help you learn all the skills you need to get your sleep back on track and experience lasting improvement.  A 10 minute interactive Q&A session is included at the end of each session.  Delivery via Zoom

Week 1:

    • Course overview
    • Sleep myths
    • The stages of sleep
    • Sleep needs over our lifetime
    • The difference between insomnia and sleep deprivation
    • Sleep trackers
    • 2 simple techniques for better quality sleep

Week 2:

    • The two most powerful sleep techniques
    • Sleep hygiene: what’s important and what isn’t
    • Light and its impact on sleep
    • An evidence-based pre-sleep relaxation technique

Week 3:

    • Proven ways to wind down to promote better sleep
    • Dealing with a racing mind
    • Techniques to use when you are awake in the night
    • The impact of lockdown on sleep and how to overcome it

Week 4:

    • Further techniques to tackle anxiety about sleep
    • A review of the course (and quiz)
    • Next steps to ensure better sleep in the long term
    • Trouble-shooting: specific sleep problems

Dr Michelle Ni Raghallaigh PhD. is a cognitive neuroscientist and insomnia therapist with specialist training in Insomnia and Behavioural Sleep Medicine.  Following a degree in Physiology and a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropsychology, Michelle has worked for over a decade as a senior scientist at UCL and Great Ormond Street Hospitals running UK-wide research trials.  She has been trained by some of the leading international experts in Behavioural Sleep Medicine and runs her own private sleep and insomnia practice, The Sleep Space:

Michelle has a warm, empathetic but informative approach and sessions are engaging, collaborative and enjoyable (see testimonials)

Many will say that good health begins in the gut…

This new 4 week course – particularly relevant during the current pandemic – will explain the process of digestion and its critical role in the maintenance of health.  You will learn how our gut affects our immune system, our hormones and our stress levels—and most importantly how to use food to improve their functioning.

The Zoom-delivered programme will be largely lecture-based, but there will be time allowed for Q&A at the end of each session.

Session 1.  The gut and the digestive process: how nutrients are broken down and extracted; where they are needed in the body; the functions for which they are needed

Session 2.  Digestion and the immune system:  What to eat to protect ourselves against infection given that 70% of our immune system  is based in the gut

Session 3.  Digestion and our hormones:  hormonal changes over our lifetime; how hormones operate and their impact on our health; how food affects hormones;  research studies

Session 4. Digestion and our stress levels:  the importance of keeping our nervous system in balance; the effect of stress on all parts of our body; the hypothalamus/pituitary/adrenal axis; how cortisol is produced and the impact of high cortisol levels on our bodies

Sarah Tomlin trained in Nutrition and graduated with distinction at the College of Naturopathic Medicine following a long career as a business executive.  An excellent communicator, she is passionate about helping others to find their way to optimal health through food and lifestyle.