The Hypnobirthing course at the Letchworth Centre is run by Jess Slender, local birth and antenatal doula and founder of the Confident Birth Company. Jess, originally trained in KGH hypnobirthing, runs a modern take on hypnobirthing ‘Your Baby Your Birth’. Jess will provide you with a wealth of information to help you understand how birth works, how your mind works, why that’s important for birth, your care providers, your options, choices and how to navigate your path to birth so that you are looking forward to birthing your baby. Wherever you have your baby, from home to theatre. And you are equipped with the tools to provide comfort and confidence whilst navigating your own decisions along your journey.

You will be given access to an online network of support after the course and Jess provides remote support to each of her hypnobirthing clients right up to and through your birth. You will meet other expectant parents from the local area and be part of an online group.

You will come along to the course from around 20 weeks pregnant, the fee includes a space for your partner or birth partner too. Some people will join the course later in pregnancy and it is never too late to make a difference!

The course provides you with:

  • the knowledge, tools and techniques to give you confidence to have a positive birth experience
  • a toolkit with a range of techniques for you to pick and choose to suit you, no matter where you give birth, home, hospital or theatre.
  • the confidence to trust the physiology of birth and how to let go to allow your body to work as it is made to
  • the Your Baby Your Birth book, a set of MP3s, a course handbook, access to an online support group, ongoing support from Jess
  • techniques to get your mind in good shape for birth and why its so important.

You will learn relaxation techniques, breathing, massage, positioning for birth, comfort measures, tools and tips for preparation and the birth itself. You will also learn how and why you should make a birth plan.

Birth is an incredible life affirming experience. Jess became a doula and a hypnobirthing teacher because she is passionate that every woman should have the opportunity to have a positive birth, no matter how you give birth. Her passion shines through in her classes. Having a positive birth, whatever that looks like for you, can change your life.

If you have any questions about hypnobirthing please contact Jess

You can find out more at www.theconfidentbirthcompany.co.uk

Please see the booking form containing the terms and conditions for the course.

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Tutor: Jess Slender

Price per couple £245