The course at the Letchworth Centre is run by Jess Slender founder of the Confident Birth Company.  The number one thing the course will do is change your birth experience.  She works to prepare you for birth with a complete antenatal education.  Jess’ course will help you understand birth, dispel any myths and worries you may have as you approach your birth and manage it in a positive, confident and calm way.  You will get to meet other local expectant parents which can be great for when your babies arrive too.  Jess is passionate to nurture and support you to prepare for your birth.

The course ideally is for women from around 22 weeks pregnant, but it’s never too late to start! The course provides you with:

  • the knowledge, tools and techniques to give you confidence to have a positive birth experience through a range of techniques which you can pick and chose to suit you, no matter where you give birth, home, hospital or theatre.
  • the confidence to trust the physiology of birth and how to let go to allow your body to work as it is made to
  • techniques to get your mind in good shape for birth and why its so important.

You will learn relaxation techniques, breathing, massage, positioning for birth, comfort measures, tools and tips for preparation and the birth itself.  You will also learn how and why you should make a birth plan.

Birth is an incredible life affirming experience and should be empowering and amazing.  Jess is passionate that every woman should have the opportunity to have a positive birth, no matter how you give birth and that having a positive birth can change your life.  Hypnobirthing will teach you skills not just for labour and birth but for parenthood and for life.

This KG Hypnobirthing course is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives. It will provide you with  knowledge, techniques and confidence to prepare for a positive birth experience whether at home or in hospital. As part of the course, you will receive a copy of The Hypnobirthing Book by Katharine Graves, mp3 relaxations, a couples workbook and relaxation music. Following the course you will be able to access an online peer support group as well as phone, email and text support from the tutor until your baby arrives.

Jess is also a birth doula and co-facilitates the Positive Birth Movement  for North Herts.  She is also the vice-Chair of Rosie Maternity Voices Partnership helping to drive changes in NHS maternity care.
If you have any questions about hypnobirthing please contact Jess

You can find out more at www.theconfidentbirthcompany.co.uk

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Tutor: Jess Slender

Price per couple £245