Introduction to Sound for Wellbeing

Six weekly experiential sessions with singing bowls, percussion and drums, gongs and voice exploring how sound can be used as part of a meditation practice, to develop listening skills and for fun. An introduction to how sound affects the body.

We will:

  • Explore beneficial sounds and how these can be used as part of our self care.
  • Look at different types of Tibetan Singing bowls and how to play them using simple techniques.
  • Have the opportunity to play a gong and experience the vibrations from the gongs close up.
  • Use rattles and drums and create a sound circle with instruments and voice.

You will be able to use the instruments provided and can bring your own singing bowl, drum or rattles/shakers if you wish.

Sound Baths are not recommended during the first and last three months of pregnancy, if you have a pacemaker or metal implants or experience epilepsy or other types of seizures, have a sound sensitive condition such as Labrynthitus or Meniers Disease. If you have questions about the sound sessions please contact Pam [email protected]

Click on the picture above to watch Pam and Jurek’s video 

Tutors: Pam Mullett and Jurek Dabrowski – Sound Workers and Gong players sharing their enthusiasm and experience of using Sound to promote wellbeing.

6 weeks – last class 18 June
No class on 28 May