Mindfulness for Child and Parent

Mindfulness is something that can benefit everybody.  Evidence suggests that it can help to lower stress and anxiety, improve resilience, cultivate kindness and gratitude and improve relationships.

On this fun and interactive course for child and parent come and learn Mindfulness together with your child.  Learning together enables you to support each other to continue to practice Mindfulness in your daily lives.

We believe that if children are supported in their mindfulness practice by those around them, then they have the best chance of maintaining this and continuing to experience the benefits.

The course explores many themes; intention, attention, attitude, gratitude, resilience, kindness to self and others.  These skills will empower young people to be better equipped for the years ahead and will, undoubtedly, enhance their lives.

Testimonials from our Mindfulness for Kids programme

Tutors: Karima Tasker and Karen Cronin