Testimonials for Mindfulness for Child and Parent Course

Autumn Term 2018 – Mindfulness for Child and Parent Course

100% of people who attended the course last term would recommend the course to others
100% of parents thought that Mindfulness has helped themselves and their child

Parent Feedback

“I believe it has given us some useful tools to be able to handle different situations in a different way – a better way”


“It has given us ideas to use everyday and to help with stressful situations that occur”


“It was good to do the course together so you can help them to keep practising at home. I practise Mindfulness when things get tough at home, it helps to calm the situation more quickly”


“it was useful to understand that its okay to feel your emotions, but at the same time giving us some tools to help us not react to them”


Child Feedback

“It helped me not to get stressed and angry”


“When I notice something I learnt not to push it away and just to let it be”


“Mindfulness helps me to stay focused and to relax”


“Sometimes when I get annoyed I use Mindfulness to help me to calm down”