One to One Sessions

Meditation & Mindfulness One-to-One

15 hours over five sessions
This programme is for individuals who require a more confidential setting to discuss
personal issues relating to health and wellbeing. We begin with a comprehensive precourse
consultation including a questionnaire to go deeper into your requirements. You
will receive training in appropriate Mindfulness practices to support your goals. You
will also receive training in a transcendental mantra based on your date of birth which
will be calculated using the Vedanta (non-dual) and Yoga traditions as revived by Dr
Deepak Chopra. You will also be guided in implementing The Seven Spiritual Laws of
Success. The programme is taught face-to-face in combination with video conferencing.
COST £445 includes all course materials

Yoga Therapy

Jodie Holdway offers One to One sessions for people who are not able to make it to the group programmes. Cost £25.00 per session.

If you are interested in either session, please ring us on 01462 678804 or email us at [email protected].