Pilates on the Ball

The exercise ball is a wonderful Pilates tool for improving core strength and developing the abdominal and back muscles. Exercising ‘on the ball’ – which continually moves slightly beneath you as you work – can also increase overall flexibility and mobility. And it’s such fun to do!  (You will need to provide your own ball.)

Tutor: Rachel Luck Body Control Pilates, Modern Pilates I, II & III, “Safe Spine” Pilates Practitioner, Gordon Thomson’s Body Control Reformer, Cadillac and Wundachair

NB: Certain health problems could preclude participation in classes.  All new bookings will be subject to verbal screening from the instructor before being accepted on a course. 

For reasons of safety, these classes are only open to existing students or those with previous Pilates experience.  Please ring 01462 678804 if you are new to the Centre (but not new to Pilates) and would like to enquire about enrolling.