Positive Movement


Positive Movement, a programme designed for older people, is for anyone who is frail and/or at risk of falls, for those who experience mobility issues or a physical disability, for people living with a limiting long-term illness and for carers.

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Positive Movement has won the Complementary Therapy Award 2018 for Prevention and Self Care.

Positive Movement is based upon a form of Yoga (called “Adaptive Yoga”) developed in America especially for people whose disability prevent them from experiencing the benefits which can be derived from traditional Yoga postures.  We have integrated this technique with the principles of the Alexander Technique – an approach that teaches people how to make changes in posture and simple movements so as to minimize pain and chronic muscle strain – which we have used with groups of older people for several decades with great success. Read the history of Positive Movement here.

Participants, in small groups of about 10 people, learn techniques for improving and maintaining strength, flexibility, balance and co-ordination (thus helping to prevent falls) and have an opportunity, immediately following the structured class session, to meet new people and socialise over a cup of tea with their peers. Click here to read the benefits of taking a class.

Positive Movement tutors are all highly qualified, experienced Yoga teachers who have undertaken an extensive training programme designed and delivered by our Positive Movement trainers.

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For further information about the programme, or if a family member, friend, patient or client wishes to join a Positive Movement class, please email: [email protected] or call the team on 01462 678804.

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