Benefits of Positive Movement

  • Feelings of social isolation and loneliness are reduced by encouraging participation, getting people out of their home and helping them to remain connected with their community or to make new friends
  • General health, wellbeing and fitness improve: Positive Movement increases physical activity levels and helps participants to maintain balance, flexibility and co-ordination (all vital in order to avoid falls)
  • Quality of life is improved as participants learn new coping mechanisms to help manage their pain, anxiety and benefit from  enhanced psychological wellbeing
  • Individual resilience is boosted: participants report being capable to doing more for themselves and therefore are likely to remain independent for longer
  • Participants are empowered to manage their health and wellbeing better and more safely, decrease their reliance on medication and in turn this helps to ease the pressure on our health and social care services

For further information about the programme, or if a family member, friend, patient or client wishes to join a Positive Movement class, please email: [email protected] or call the team on 01462 678804.