Testimonials from Positive Movement

“Before I started Positive Movement I had back pain, and I walked hunched over. I now walk straight and correct my posture. I’ve learnt to look forward and focus in front. The tutor was very patient, helpful, and clear in how we should do things. This has made such a massive difference to my life, and health. My coughing has reduced and I am now able to regulate my breathing, it has helped such a lot. My husband comments he has never seen me with such energy! I looked forward to the classes every week; my confidence has improved so much I’ve even started line dancing!”
Maggie, 81

“I had a fall before starting the programme and was quite cautious about moving, as it was painful. Positive Movement gave me the confidence to move again without fearing pain – things like getting dressed etc. became possible once again without painful twinges and I now get out and socialise a lot more.”
Louise, 72

“I am very pleased with Positive Movement and the ideas behind it. It gets me out of the house, and brings people together. I can see others and myself improving week on week. Lots of older people have mobility issues and are lonely and could benefit from this programme.”
Bob, 68

“I am 85 years old and use a wheelchair. I find Positive Movement has helped me to maintain my flexibility and fitness, and my balance is improving because of the exercise I have done. I liked the class sizes being small, as this enables the tutor to give focussed individual attention, which I feel is important.”
Josie, 85

“It’s been a wonderful experience. Camaraderie is lovely. Exercise is so very important for our age group, and anything that gets us oldies moving is good. Using Positive Movement is a positive way forward in achieving that goal. I thoroughly enjoy it.”
Annie, 69

“This programme is very good, the tutor is excellent and I feel it is of benefit to me. It has really helped my rheumatism, my back and my posture in general. I now feel much more confident and able to garden, move and stretch. My general confidence when out and about has also improved greatly.”
Brian, 83

“My fear of falling has lessened because I am more aware of how I stand, sit, lean and so on. It also makes me more aware that I am not the only person with movement problems, and it is so good to get out and meet other people. The weekly sessions give me a focus to get out and do something, and as a result i have signed up for an additional group activity. Absolutely fantastic, would thoroughly recommend it.”
Shirley, 76

“When I leave the Positive Movement sessions I feel as if I am floating on air! I have bad ankles and the exercises have helped enormously. I also have pain in my ribs following cancer treatment and the breathing exercises have helped me a lot to reduce the pain that I experience. It’s a lovely group and I really feel the benefit. In my opinion the psychological benefits are just as important as the physical ones because if you feel well, relaxed, not stressed, you are less likely to feel ill physically.”
Joyce, 70

For further information about the programme, or if a family member, friend, patient or client wishes to join a Positive Movement class, please email: [email protected] or call the team on 01462 678804.