Post-Natal Yoga & Baby Massage

Learn to massage your baby and provide a loving, fun and positive interaction that has  been proven to nurture a baby’s health and development. One hour of post-natal Yoga will  follow to exercise and strengthen your core muscles and ease tightness in your shoulders  and upper back. The class includes relaxation, refreshments & chat. Wear an old t-shirt, bring a towel and an organic base oil such as grapeseed, olive, or sunflower (avoid nut oils).

Tutor: Tracey Luggeri Accredited Yoga Birth Teacher



Summer Term 2018
6 weeks for BMPN1 – no classes on 7 & 28 May
5 weeks for BMPN2

Autumn Term 2018
7 weeks for BMPN1
6 weeks for BMPN2