Pranayama, Mantra & Meditation

The Art of Breathing Well

Pranayama (the control of breathing) is the traditional technique of slow and rhythmical breathing. Research has shown that positive breath control can have a direct effect on our wellbeing and is effective in reducing anxiety. With conscious breathing, the body relaxes and the mind quietens, while the breath
becomes deeper and more efficient. The technique alleviates stress by switching on the body’s relaxation response and reducing its fight or flight mechanism.

This powerful course will take you through the breathing process step by step,teaching you to use awareness and mindfulness to alter your normal breathing habits and build your lung capacity – thereby bringing wide-ranging health benefits, both physical and psychological.

Please note that the exercises in this class are all chair-based.

“The key is changing our habits, and in particular the habits of our mind” Pema Chondron

Tutor: Kate Tomlinson 500 Hour MindFlowYoga

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