Marcia Magliari Dip DMT

DanceMarcia Magliari has been working in the field of dance as a performer, choreographer and teacher spanning a period of over twenty years. She developed a particular interest in how movement and dance can reflect and shape our state of mind.  She studied Dance and Movement Therapy at Roehampton Institute, London in addition to her earlier studies in Psychology at PUC University, Rio de Janeiro.

During her dance career Marcia often treated her own aches and pains using techniques such as ‘DO-IN’ (a massage method which works on pressure points) and also practised the anti-exercises and self-awareness principles of Therese Bertherat. These approaches helped her to develop a greater understanding of body awareness and sensitivity towards the subtle internal changes of energy flow. Her dance teaching methodology incorporates a range of effective exercises which develops flexibility through stretch, correct posture and energy through breathing. Her teaching grew not only with respect to the aesthetics and technicality of dance but also to integrate a sense of self through body awareness.