T’ai Chi

Tai Chi was originally created by the Taoists of Wudang Temple China. It is a martial art that is rooted in Taoist practices and philosophy.  It is a very gentle, evidence-based approach to reducing stress, lowering blood pressure and benefiting the entire cardiovascular system, T’ai Chi is also one of the most effective ways of improving balance and muscle strength for anyone at risk of falling. Through practising its slow, stylised, dance-like  movements, your concentration will improve and you will learn to live more in the moment.  It is recommended by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence as a useful part of any Falls Prevention programme.

T’ai Chi can be practised by people of all ages and levels of fitness: what better time to begin than during the current pandemic – when keeping healthy is so important for us all!

Tai Chi works the body in a way that sees it continually expanding and contracting, coiling and releasing. The power that moves through the body in waves forces the muscles, ligaments, tendons and facia to expand, it opens the joints of the body and the spine as a way to create force and as it does so it release tensions and hardening that lie throughout the system.

Aspects of both Yang and Wu styles will be taught.

Sessions will be run remotely via Zoom.  The classes are suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Tutor: Chris Nutley