Yoga for Kids

Children’s Yoga for 4-8yrs

Children’s yoga classes can help with self-awareness, confidence, creativity and physical strength.  The classes are a welcome break from the sometimes hectic lives that we lead; giving children the space to explore their bodies, reconnect, focus and be calm.

These Yoga sessions help our children to use their imagination, discover their breathe, build confidence and raise their self-esteem.  We play lots of games, create stories and routines, use instruments and make it a fun learning environment for the children to discover themselves and make new friends.  Most importantly children are guided into a special space that they can tap into whenever they are feeling stressed or upset.  This is an incredible tool that our children can use for the rest of their lives.

Please note that parents/guardians must remain on the premises whilst their child attends their session.

Tutor: Uma Amrita Kaur

Online Course –  We will email you a link with details of how to connect to the sessions on receipt of your booking

Price includes another child in the same household.