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Iyengar Yoga, developed by Yoga Master BKS Iyengar, is characterised by precision and alignment and uses props such as blocks and belts to ensure that maximum benefit is gained from each posture whilst ensuring absolute safety.

Tutor: Thelma McNairn MA Hons Dip ED IYTA

Testimonials from some of our students

“I feel much more flexible.  I feel fitter.  The teaching is very good and there is so much to learn. So many different yoga moves.”

“I like the fact that Thelma takes each position gradually and takes the time to help you adjust in order to reach positions in a way that works for you.  In doing so she finds equipment and props to support each pose without any discomfort meanwhile extending each pose fully.”

“My yoga teacher is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, experienced but always embraces new ideas.  I have known, and been taught by her for many years at different venues, Letchworth Centre is a brilliant setting for a brilliant, gifted teacher.”

“I enjoy the precise instructions and use of props and blocks to eliminate strain.  Over the years I have become more flexible and relish the calm mental state after the final relaxation.”

“Quite simply enlightening.  With Thelma you are in very expert hands.  Highly, highly recommended.”








Please phone us to book a place onto this class, as online booking is not available at this time.  Tel 01462 678804