Blood Specialist

Sally Walder BSc, PhD holds qualifications in Biochemistry and Developmental Biology. She undertakes blood testing to individuals and other health professionals who wish to access state-of-the-art laboratory testing without the need for a GP referral. This includes levels of fertility-related hormones, vitamin deficiency and other hormone related imbalances.

She works with one of the UK’s foremost accredited laboratories based in the heart of London’s medical district meaning that clients can be confident of accurate and reliable results.

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  • Blood tests allow us to access a wealth of information about the body, and a better understanding of the way the body is working allows us to make the small changes that may be needed for optimum health. For example, vitamin deficiency can be corrected by dietary changes or with supplements, hormonal imbalance can be addressed by therapies such as acupuncture, and allergies are much easier to deal with once the specific allergen has been identified and can be avoided or eliminated from the diet.
  • Levels of fertility-related hormones, measured at the appropriate points in a woman’s cycle, provide valuable information about ovulation and the potential receptivity of the womb lining. Where there is an imbalance in these hormones women may wish to seek conventional medical treatment or they may find that acupuncture treatment is effective in restoring hormone levels to their optimum states.
  • Clients who are hoping to conceive may also wish to consider checking levels of the specific vitamins and minerals which have been shown to impact on fertility.
  • Clients who are suffering from fatigue may find that a thyroid hormone panel combined with a test for anaemia will provide an explanation for their symptoms, allowing them to make dietary changes or take supplements that will have a pronounced effect on their quality of life.

Presentations from Sally Walder’s Lunchtime Talks on Women’s Health held in October 2017

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