Homeopathy, although recently much maligned, was originally developed in the late 1700’s to manage conditions in which the conventional medicine of the day, failed unutterably.  Homeopathy is remarkably successful in dealing with contagious disease, and quite without some of the horrific side effects of the most widely used medical ‘cures’ of the time (bloodletting, vigorous purging and treatment with compounds of mercury which could – and did – literally eat/burn flesh away, leaving gaping holes), homeopathy was at the time used by many of the monarchs of Europe who readily appreciated its effectiveness.

Its fundamental principle to ‘to treat like with like’ – that is, once the physical and emotional symptoms of the patient are determined, to match those symptoms with the effects that a large dose of a substance would have on a healthy person.  Homeopathic (the Greek word meaning ‘like the suffering or disease’) remedies can be made from any substance’ – but so diluted as to have no laboratory-measurable trace left in the remedy itself.  What is in the medicine, however, is the ‘energetic footprint’ of the original substance – and it is thought that it is this energy which acts on our bodies to initiate healing.

Whatever is said by its critics and detractors – who are determined to malign and destroy it, imputing that at best it is just a placebo – homeopathy has been shown in case study after case study to work on both animals and infants who could after all not be influenced in that way.

It is sad and hugely frustrating that many people are today deprived – through the current virulent smear campaign – of the benefits of homeopathic medicine.  The Letchworth Centre was originally established as a solely homeopathic centre – and for many years it had 5 fully qualified medical doctors who were also qualified in homeopathy working with full patient lists.

Francis Treuherz MA RSHom FSHom has been in private practice since 1984. He worked in NHS primary care between 1990 and 2003, then joined us here. Francis has experience of working with patients of all ages. He is a Fellow of the Society of Homeopaths, a former Editor of their professional journal, and currently a member of the Board. He is a distinguished international writer and lecturer in homeopathy.




Sarah Hyatt LCPH MARH RHom is a former nurse and mother of three, Sarah Hyatt trained as a homeopath at the College of Practical Homeopathy and as a doula with Michel Odent. She has run a homeopathic practice for 14 years and is an inspirational speaker on the benefits homeopathy can bring to motherhood, women’s and children’s health.

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