The mind-body connection – ie the influence the mind (and frequently the subconscious mind) can have on the body is well known. Hypnotherapists – contrary to the derivation of the name (for ‘hypnos’ means ‘sleep’ – do not put people to sleep – but instead bring them to an altered state of  awareness and deep relaxation.  In this state, people can frequently access understandings of the causes of behaviour, of past feelings, and of their deepest desires which the cut and thrust of daily life do not generally allow/permit.  These understandings can then be used to underpin and shape present behaviour and enable life changes to occur.

Hypnotherapy can be especially useful in changing addictive behaviour such as smoking, substance abuse and overeating, as well as in removing emotional blocks to a more fulfilling life.

Lexia Allman AdvDip THP(SHAP)MCRAH NLP Prac GQHP
Lexia holds an advanced diploma in clinical hypnotherapy and is a qualified NLP Practitioner. Her training is in Eriksonian hypno-psychotherapy which takes a non-authoritarian, client centred approach to hypnotherapy.  For more information visit http://www.lexiaallman.co.uk/.



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