Infertility, Assisted Reproduction and Early Pregnancy Care

Acupuncture used on its own has been shown to increase fertility in both men and women. It
can improve blood flow to the reproductive organs and improve their functioning, regulate
hormones, reduce stress and lessen the possibility of miscarriage. When used in conjunction with
conventional fertility treatments, it can increase conception rates by 26% and reduces their side

Lianne’s work combines the latest research with clinical practice to optimise the likelihood of
natural conception or of pregnancy following medical intervention. She has a deep
understanding of the emotional impact of subfertility and she uses acupuncture to help
reduce its negative effects.

Lianne Aquilina BSc Hons Traditional Acupuncture MSc is a well-known fertility acupuncturist who has been working successfully with couples suffering with infertility since
2004. She has developed a range of effective clinical strategies to improve fertility and has worked closely with couples undergoing assisted reproductive technology to improve outcomes. Much in demand as a lecturer, Lianne is co-author of the internationally best-selling textbook Acupuncture for IVF and Assisted Reproduction: An Integrated Approach to Treatment Management.

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