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Glenys Collings, Diploma in Naturopathy, Post-graduate Diploma Integrative Medicine
Glenys’ pioneering approach to health and well-being, follows a background of nursing, Naturopathy specialising in Chinese Medicine and recent qualification in Integrative MedicineGlenys’ experience and passion for natural healthy living will help you to overcome illness and achieve vitality and good health naturally  For more information visit







Harald Gaier, ND, DO, DHomM, Dip Ac, DBotM holds qualifications and full UK registration as an Osteopath, Homeopath, Acupuncturist, Naturopath and Medical Herbalist.  As a clinician, he clearly uses a broad range of approaches; as a contributor to leading professional publications, he regularly publishes reviews of current research into complementary approaches to health; and in his years as a student, he travelled widely through Africa and documented many of the traditional treatments in use on that continent.

He is Vice Chair of the European Federation for Naturopathy and is a well-known international speaker.  Until recently he managed the Clinic for Medical Thermography and One-Stop Prostate Assessment at the Irish Centre for Integrated Medicine in Co. Kildare, and was formerly Director of Medical Research at London’s Hale Clinic and the Diagnostic Clinic.

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