Naturopathy and Nutrition

Naturopathy – or rather, naturopathic principles, underpin practically all of complementary medicine.  Put another way, they are fundamental to all holistic healing approaches – and it is signally important for anyone with an interest in health to familiarise themselves with those principles.

Essentially – they are:

  1. That the body has an extraordinary ability to heal itself (this is in opposition to the conventional medical premise that drugs and particularly ones which ‘zap’ an invading organism like a virus or bacterium, possess the healing power)
  2. That diet (possibly fasting, too), exercise, sunshine and right thought are the factors which can stimulate or kick-start the body to health (as well as maintain it)

While there are many books on the subject, several sessions with a naturopath – someone with extensive professional training who will objectively examine your way of life/life habits and make recommendations – can be an invaluable aid to getting your life ‘back on course’ in every way.

Glenys Collings Diploma in Naturopathy, Post-graduate Diploma Integrative Medicine
Glenys’ pioneering approach to health and well-being, follows a background of nursing, Naturopathy specialising in Chinese Medicine and recent qualification in Integrative MedicineGlenys’ experience and passion for natural healthy living will help you to overcome illness and achieve vitality and good health naturally  For more information visit






Harald Gaier ND, DO, DHomM, Dip Ac, DBotM holds qualifications and full UK registration as an Osteopath, Homeopath, Acupuncturist, Naturopath and Medical Herbalist.  He is a contributor to leading professional publications and regularly publishes reviews of current research into complementary approaches to health. Harald is Vice Chair of the European Federation for Naturopathy and is a well-known international speaker. Until recently he managed the Clinic for Medical Thermography and One-Stop Prostate Assessment at the Irish Centre for Integrated Medicine in Co. Kildare, and was formerly Director of Medical Research at London’s Hale Clinic and the Diagnostic Clinic.

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