Sound Healing

Sound Healing, one of the most ancient of healing arts, uses the power of sound and vibration to restore body, mind and spirit to a sense of balance and alignment.  During a session, the practitioner will use his or her voice to surround the client in a gentle but remarkably powerful sound bath of healing vibrations, which work with the vibrational frequencies at which their own body naturally resonates.  At times, tuning forks, Tibetan singing bowls and other instruments may be used as well.  Following a sound healing session, clients report feeling extraordinarily peaceful and deeply relaxed yet at the same time energised and centred, with stress and anxiety levels greatly reduced.

151215_141Sue Pready MCSH, MNFSH, DipITEC, has practiced Sound Healing since 2009, and currently, as a tutor at the College of Sound Healing, is responsible for its Core Practitioner Training Programme in Hertfordshire.  A Reiki Master Teacher and member of the UK Reiki Federation, Sue is a Spiritual Healer with the Healing Trust and writes healing stories for children.

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