New Leaf Courses

New Leaf College are putting on short courses that are free and focus on wellbeing. These are running over the next few months at our Centre:

  • Caring for someone with a long-term illness  (6 hours over 2 sessions)
  • Coping with stress and hardship (12 hours over 4 sessions)
  • Improving wellbeing (3 hours over 1 session)
  • Important life skills: time management, finance planning, self-discipline, personal boundaries (6 hours over 2 sessions)
  • Managing wellbeing when living with a long-term health condition (3 hours over 1 session)
  • Better sleep (3 hours over 1 session)
  • Setting goals, recognising your strengths, making positive life changes (9 hours over 3 sessions)
  • Using creativity to promote wellbeing  (3 hours over 1 session)

Click here for more details. To enrol go to or call 01442 864966.